Case of the Missing Chalice

Toilday, 02 Abadius, 4712

This morning at approx. 10:30am, a young man of the temple knocked on my door. He said he was in need of my help, to find an item that had gone missing from the Temple of Iomedae. 

Facts of the Case

1. The client's name is Gydric. He just recently became a Companion-At-Arms in Iomedae's holy order and his first assignment was to safe-guard the missing item.

2. The missing item is : "The Unfinished Fish Sandwich of Saint Gessus". The client admits that this is a very minor relic, with all but no value to anyone, even those within the church.

3. The relic was last seen in the reliquary gallery, which is part of the main temple.

Additional Notes: I have agreed to meet the client at the temple this morning, to inspect the scene of the relic's last known whereabouts. The client naturally wishes to keep the knowledge of the "misplacement" of the relic discreetly away from superiors until a thorough search as been made. 


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